This year, Biden recommends allocating $24.7 billion to NASA, 1.5 billion more than last year

According to reports, US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) first proposed his budget goals on April 10, more than two months after taking office, demonstrating that he is still involved in space exploration. Biden recommended allocating US$24.7 billion for NASA in the most recent fiscal year 2022 budget, an expansion of US$1.5 billion from 2021.

Acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk expressed his delight, saying: “The Biden administration’s $24.7 billion budget proposal reflects its contribution to NASA and its partners. There has been a lot going on in the last year. We and our colleagues have always worked tirelessly in a difficult world and experienced unparalleled results.”

He said, ” “We understand that increasing expenditure funds is a difficult task with scarce capital. We have a commitment to the President and the American people, and we will spend every dollar that NASA receives responsibly. NASA employees and the general public of the United States What they saw in this funding application should give them hope. This is a bet on our future, and it demonstrates their confidence in NASA’s capabilities.”

The Biden administration recommended providing NASA with a total of US$24.7 billion in funding in the 55-page budget paper, an expansion of US$1.5 billion from the funding provided to NASA by Congress in the next fiscal year. Most specifically, Biden suggested spending $6.9 billion on the Artemis mission to return to the moon, which is $325 million more than Congress allotted to the effort this year.

NASA plans to return humans to the moon by 2024 under the guidance of former US President Donald Trump, although this is generally viewed as an unrealistic timeline. The Biden administration has yet to say if the plan’s targets will be slowed.

One major question is whether NASA has sufficient funding to commission private firms to develop and construct a manned lunar landing system that would carry astronauts from lunar orbit to the earth. The Trump administration requested a $3 billion allocation for the framework last year, but just $850 million was ultimately allocated. As a result, even though the majority of Biden’s planned budget increase is devoted to the construction of the landing system, the agency still faces significant challenges in this region.

While there is no hint in the current budget that the Biden administration intends to execute a manned lunar landing mission, it does stress that manned space beyond the International Space Station will remain a priority. “The funds will be used to promote the advancement of long-term sustainable human exploration technologies outside of Earth, and to assist humanity in reaching Mars,” the paper says.

The budget for the International Space Station is a separate line item. It will have a budget of more than $3 billion in 2022, and will be used to “fund the operation of the space station, cargo and crew transportation, and science that is conducive to the discovery of space and life on Earth.”