Three Israelis were arrested on suspicion of a cyber attack against bank customers and the theft of hundreds of thousands of shekels

Yesterday, two brothers, aged 32 and 30, residents of Raanana and Kfar Yona and another 44-year-old suspect of Bat Yam, were arrested by police and the national cyber infrastructure on suspicion of being behind an assault on the identity theft of central bank customers in Israel and the theft of hundreds of thousands of shekels.

17:48, Wednesday, November 25, 2020 GMT

Two twins, aged 32 and 30, Raanana and Kfar Yona locals, and another 44-year-old Bat Yam suspect, were arrested on suspicion of stealing the names of central bank customers in Israel and stealing from them hundreds of thousands of shekels.

The arrest followed a joint investigation between the Israel Police and the National Cyber Array, prosecutors in the Central District’s cyber branch of the Central Unit (SAR). And their imprisonment was extended by six days in Rishon Lezion.

The inquiry started after inquiries obtained in recent months from consumers in banks who noticed suspicious transactions in their bank accounts, according to the police statement and the cyber array. “Your account has been blocked, the block needs to be reconnected.”Your account has been blocked, it is important to restart the block. The user and password on the page represented the bank page and thereby obtained access to the accounts of the victims.

The Corona era, and the increasing shift to the remote use of digital services, is a fertile ground for cyber-attackers who take advantage of the lack of knowledge among people of the numerous means of fraud, even in Israel. The National Cyber Network has detected and treated an extensive phishing attack over the past month intended to steal login data from people in Israel from their online bank accounts.

The phishing pages were immediately deleted, according to the cyber array announcement, but with new connections, the delivery of the messages began. Hundreds of residents are reported to have filled out their online bank account registration data.


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