TikTok showed stable progress in 2020, with US-China tension still creating anxiety in 2020

In 2020, the short film uploading service “TikTok” gained great prominence, and the advertising-focused sector is growing, and there are also big movements such as the introduction of “TikTok LIVE” live streaming in Japan. It comes out. In the other hand, owing to the impact of the US-China tension, the unpredictable situation still persists, and there are several questions around 2021.

Expanding the client base and organization goes well
The TikTok video uploading service is run by TikTok, a Beijing ByteDance affiliate in China. It managed to gain a lot of interest back in 2020, two years after the split, when it was featured in several newspapers.

Many words and hit songs that originated from TikTok posts, such as “Kyundesu”, appeared in 2020 in particular. It can be said that it was a year in which the platform’s sophistication advanced, such as taking a step away from TikTok’s own fun and rarity, such as lip-sync and dance, and calling attention to the community born of posting on TikTok.

To demonstrate that trend, many numbers showing TikTok’s good performance were attractive at the online event “TikTok For Business Year-End Event 2020” held on December 16, 2020. In reality, in April 2020, the number of TikTok installs surpassed 2 billion worldwide, and the number of views also increased by 210 percent in one year.

In addition, TikTok’s user base, which is said to have been skewed from teenagers to early 20s, is steadily expanding, and at 52.3 percent today more than half of them are 25 years old or older. While it is mostly used by the younger generation, it tends to be increasingly expanding to older age groups, and it also diversifies the kinds of videos uploaded.

Of course, expanding the number of users with high disposable income to older generations will lead to the expansion of the advertising business, which as a media business is important. For that cause, it was strongly appealed at the previous event that it will be used for ads that makes the best use of the uniqueness of TikTok to lead directly to transactions without going through searches even if users are interested.