TipLink Launched ‘VIGI NVR1008H’, an NVR that can store up to 10TB

Simplified NVR installation and maintenance, which can store up to 10 TB, encourages convenience and resolves ONVIF certification compatibility.

15:15 GMT, Friday, November 27, 2020

VIGI’s NVR1008H, a TipiLink professional security hardware brand, has up to 10 TB of storage space and offers 720 days of storage. It is easy to save videos. Real-time replication from up to 4 cameras is possible in accordance with the VIGI program. You can change the playback speed, pick and play a particular point in the recording, and conduct video playback and analysis easily and clearly.

Installation has also streamlined the product. Simply add the VIGI NVR1008H to the VIGI camera and mount the display to the plug. Through customizing them to particular specifications with VIGI software and VIGI security managers or direct interfaces, cameras attached to the NVR can be completely controlled.

The NVR 1008H offers various smart detection options, such as motion detection, area invasion, boundary invasion, and camera destruction, for better monitoring. Via the audio in/out port, it is possible to listen and communicate in real time, and remote control is also possible using this feature. There is no issue with 8 4Mp cameras transmitting and receiving data with up to 80 Mbps video link bandwidth, and connectivity with other brand cameras has also been enhanced by ONVIF certification.

VIGI made it possible with the NVR1008H to create a robust surveillance system of some scale. In-house development, at an easy and inexpensive price, tends to minimize costs and extend the system. Consumer comfort is often known as user-friendly applications and streamlined management.