Touch Bar can be used as a secondary monitor after MacBook Pro is replaced with Win10:

Apple launched MacBook Pro notebooks fitted with the Touch Bar as early as 2016. Indeed, the Touch Bar is a subversive invention, but the credibility of users is divided, and some users claim that it is tasteless.

After flashing into the MacBook Pro Windows 10 operating system last year, some developers discovered a way to turn the Touch Bar into a touchable taskbar, which to some degree enhanced the efficiency of interaction.

It is feasible, according to the developer, to use Boot Camp to install and start Win10.

Now, a novelty transformation has led to another person who enjoys toss, and the Touch Bar directly becomes a secondary computer.

I used the iBridge Virtual FrameBuffer driver this time, the Microsoft General Class Generic Parent driver, and so on. However, because a display size of 2170×60 is not allowed by Windows, the developer eventually forced the height to adjust to 100px.

Although it seems a little pointless, tossing itself is also a kind of fun, and new ways of playing can not be discovered in the future.