Tricky vaccine distribution, the answer lies in IT technology

Corona 19 vaccine development anticipation, IT technology use is important for healthy delivery .

13:31 GMT, Monday, November 30, 2020
To simplify all distribution management from tracking to data management by adding The technology to pharmaceutical refrigeration installations.
Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19 (hereinafter, Corona 19) Interest in the delivery of vaccines is also increasing as vaccine development becomes more evident. Since vaccines are temperature and humidity sensitive, particular attention should be given to the delivery of vaccines.

This extends to almost all medications, including both the Corona 19 vaccine and the vaccine against the flu. Not long ago, the volume released on the market was gathered and discarded due to an event in which the flu vaccine was exposed to room temperature during delivery, and it is impossible to deliver any of the Corona 19 vaccine in a cryogenic environment, so it is imperative to create an adequate distribution facility and management system for this.

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‘IT technology is emerging as an option as the awareness of the value of vaccine delivery management is growing. The number of situations in which IT technology is paired with delivery infrastructure is growing, such as the ‘cold chain’ infrastructure, which is a low-temperature logistics system that has recently become the target of storage of Corona 19 vaccines, including a real-time tracking feature.

In Korea, for secure drug delivery control two IT firms will join hands. Mark Some (CEO Choi Jong-wook) and Vinetech (CEO Hak-Ki Kim) are forming a partnership using IoT sensors and blockchain technologies to develop a drug delivery management system.

Drug administration of medical facilities is currently mostly performed by hand. The manager in charge controls and tracks the temperature of the refrigeration plant according to a certain amount of time, and scans for any anomalies in the refrigeration plant. Automate IT technology for this. It uses data from IoT sensors and artificial intelligence to calculate temperature and humidity automatically, monitor the availability of power and open door status, and instantly alert the manager when a problem arises.

To ensure the authenticity of management documents, Blockchain technology is also implemented. Both records of the refrigeration installation’s humidity, temperature and delivery process are translated into data and stored in the blockchain. Blockchain technology has the advantages of being able to reliably determine where the problem happens by recording data where a problem occurs so it is impossible to falsify and modify data, because all problems are left as data in the delivery process.

Mark Any’s CEO, Choi Jong-wook, said, “Pharmaceutical distribution should not only concentrate on infrastructure but also monitoring,” he said. “We will develop appropriate IT technologies to help create a safe pharmaceutical distribution system, since this is an urgent situation that is directly linked to public health.”