True system picture exposure keychain size helps monitoring and placement of mystery accessories from Samsung

While there have been reports that Apple will launch a SmartTag-like smart search adapter that supports electronic position monitoring, it seems that at this year’s Galaxy S21 conference, Samsung will take the lead and become the first cell phone vendor to launch this sort of device.

The real camera images of Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag smart find accessories have recently flowed out, according to international media outlets, and the spot where it appears is also on the telecommunications regulatory agency’s registry page, which means that this device is still not far from the market.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in Europe is estimated to be around EUR 15, and it will be available in black and oatmeal. It uses a squared square shape, the thickness is not low, there is a circular hole in the fuselage corner, easy to use ropes and other fixations, judging from the revealed images. There is no visible slot on the surface, the battery could be built-in, and it only offers wireless charging as a means of charging.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is expected to be connected to the SmartThings Locate service on Samsung phones to have outside of the handset monitoring and positioning services.

On the map, the user can see its position, and it can even make sounds to draw the attention of the user. And to attain precise spatial positioning, it can support UWB ultra-wideband positioning technology. Via the cell phone camera coupled with AR, the location can be seen directly to the user, making it more easy to locate the device.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is not as slim and light as its card-like nature relative to the previously sold smart find accessories Tile, but it must be worth looking forward to in terms of battery life. After all, the former can only be used with a button battery for up to 12 months, and with an accessory with intelligent object tracking, the longer the battery life, the better.