TSMC will release more capacity to PS5

It was in a state of oddity until the Sony PS5 console was listed. It is also incapable of having adequate supply so far, so that the purchase price stays high.

Sony first announced that, faced with inadequate availability, it would absolutely discontinue the PS4 Pro and use all of its manufacturing resources to manufacture PS5 consoles. Industry chain sources recently said that suppliers like TSMC will unleash more PS5 production power so that PS5 console volume would exceed 16.8 million-18 million units in 2021.

The PS5 host is out of stock, mainly due to insufficient production capacity of AMD’s customized chips. The chip is manufactured by TSMC’s 7nm process, but TSMC’s 7nm process is not only for its services. AMD Ryzen PC chips, smartphone SoC chips, etc. are also mostly manufactured by TSMC’s 7nm process, so production capacity is very tight.

However, since industry insiders say that TSMC will release more capacity to supply PS5 custom chips, and it is expected that TSMC will have more 7nm orders transferred to 5nm next year, so the sales of PS5 hosts will definitely improve next year.