Twitter, Facebook and Google CEOs were summoned by the U.S. Senate

Thursday, October 1, 2020 – 10:58 ksa

Local time on Thursday. The U.S. The Senate Commerce Committee voted to support a motion calling for the invitation of Twitter, Alphabet’s Google and Facebook CEOs to participate in a hearing to allow them to enjoy legal protection from the consumer content of the social network of the Internet business. And in order to defend.

Before the U.S., the hearing may be conducted On November 3, Presidential Election Day and the overhaul of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act will be debated. This provision offers consumer content privacy rights for the social media of technology companies and prohibits the social networks of Internet companies from being held responsible for offensive content shared by users.

Previously, the leader of the Democrats on the committee, Maria Cantwell, opposed the resolution, saying that she opposed the use of the severe summoning power of the committee to participate in political struggle when it was less than 40 days away on election day.

But she did change her mind on Thursday and voted in favor of the motion.

“I can’t wait to ask more questions from CEO Zuckerberg of Facebook.” Canterwell said, “I welcome the Section 230 debate.”

The chairman of the committee is Republican Senator Roger Wicker, who initially invited those business executives to come to the hearing on October 1 on a voluntary basis and prepared to issue a subpoena last week.

“Wick said,” After extending the invitation to these executives, I regret that they declined to participate again and failed to respond to the American people with such obvious and urgent questions.

Republican President Trump has made it an issue for the work of his administration to keep technology firms responsible for the repression of conservative voices. Therefore, before the referendum, there was a growing request for reform of Section 230. The probability of Congress passing this year’s amendment to this provision, however, is almost zero.

Trump met with the lawyers of nine Republicans in the ruling states last week to discuss the modification of Section 230. Before that, a legislative initiative was announced by the US Department of Justice to amend the requirements of the statute.

The Google , Facebook, Apple, and Amazon CEOs recently testified prior to the House Judiciary Committee ‘s antitrust panel meeting. The team is investigating whether these firms ‘ market practices are harming rivals. The investigation activities report is scheduled to be published as early as next Monday.