Unique security software that major PC companies are focusing on, the rival horse is that company

Special defense rivalry is not confined to hardware by large PC vendors. By downloading original apps, efforts are growing to secure applications and records.

Friday, November 13, 2020, 19:32 GMT

Containing tiny VM assaults
The HP of the US is particularly enthusiastic. The company purchased Bromium in 2019, a provider that specializes in security tools leveraging virtualization technologies. The tool Bromium has been dubbed “HP Confident Press” and is mounted on the corporate PCs of HP. In 2011, Ian Pratt, the founder of the “Xen Project” that builds open source software (OSS) virtualization technologies, created Bromium.

Sure Click installs a micro virtual machine (micro VM) on the operating system, operates a micro VM web browser or email program, and opens a PDF file. And if the program is corrupted by ransomware on the micro VM, it would not be affected because the personal computer’s actual environment is separated. If it is a Web browser, when the tab is closed, the micro VM will shut down immediately and the malware will be deleted.

HP also sells instruments such as “HP Sure Sense,” which is fitted with a deep learning malware detection engine. HP also sells these device operating services for a fee.

VMware Carbon Black, VMware’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) product, which is also under Dell Technologies’ umbrella, and Netskope’s OEM-supplied Cloud Access Protection Broker (CASB). In tandem with corporate PCs, products such as “Netskope” can be sold. An critical tool for creating “Zero Confidence” is CASB, which manages EDR that detects cyber attacks and SaaS (Software as a Service) use by end users.

It seems that not only does the vendor sell out PCs, but it also seeks to retain contact with consumers through the selling of security subscription services.

The security features offered by Microsoft’s SaaS (Software as a Service) ‘Microsoft 365’ licenses ‘E3’ and ‘E5’ are likely to clash with the security tools provided by HP and Dell. “Defender for Microsoft.”