University of Utah officials said the university has recently been compelled to pay hackers $457,059 to avoid leaking of student records.

The official statement says the educational institution managed to prevent a significant assault on ransomware in July 2020, during which unidentified hackers were able to access just 0.02 per cent of the data contained on the servers of the university. And although all this data was eventually safely recovered from backups, just before encryption started, the attackers managed to steal information about university students and then requested a ransom from the educational institution ‘s administration, then threatened to post the stolen goods in the public domain.

Blackmail obliged Utah University to make sacrifices and pay the extortionists.

ZDNet version, relating to Emsisoft Brett Callow (Brett Callow) specialist firms, notes that hacking NetWalker group seems to have stood for this attack, but there is no official proof of this.

According to McAfee experts, NetWalker poses a threat not only to American companies and educational institutions, but also to companies from Western Europe. Recently, researchers have calculated that the creators of the ransomware have already “earned” at least $ 25 million from their brainchild.