US Department of Justice Concession:, Allow Americans to Continue Using WeChat.

“In the WeChat ban case, the WeChat user group” American WeChat User Alliance “v. President Trump has made new progress. The U.S. Justice Department released a statement saying U.S. Users of WeChat can continue to download and use WeChat , and will not bear civil and criminal responsibility for breaching the ban on WeChat by President Trump.

In response to President Trump’s WeChat,  ban released in early August, the US WeChat Consumer Alliance filed a court case to stop Trump’s ban from taking effect. This Thursday, a hearing on the case will be held.

On Wednesday local time, a government document sent to the Federal Court of the Northern District of California,  (San Francisco) reported that the Department of Justice does not treat , “connected transactions carried out by WeChat users as criminal or civil liability.”

The U.S. WeChat User Alliance has announced that on August 6, Trump’s WeChat ban would block the networks for many American residents to connect with their family and friends in China. The life of China and Chinese Americans is really important to WeChat.

It is uncertain if WeChat would be withdrawn from the app stores of Google and Apple, and whether weChat payment will still be used by US users.

The United States WeChat Consumer Alliance v. Trump’s WeChat injunction case was recognized by the United States. District Court for the northern California district