US Judge: The Department of Justice. The antitrust case against Google can begin in September 2023

According to international media sources, on Friday, the US Justice Amit Mehta (Amit Mehta) held a hearing on the said antitrust litigation launched by Google’s Ministry of Justice is likely to be before trial in September 2023.

The U.S. Both This seems to be a potential timeline, according to the Department of Justice and Google, and the judge set September 12, 2023 as the tentative date for the trial. The proposed timeline demonstrates that Google (and probably Facebook) could compete with the US government in a long-term antitrust fight. Google is now facing three lawsuits from different states and the Department of Justice, but some of these lawsuits may merge.

This means that for a few years, the analysis of Google’s company will stay in the spotlight, and any improvements that the court will require will also take a long time. This is positive news in the short term for investors. They do not have to worry about the immediate occurrence of structural changes, such as the divestiture of key business units, that may harm the valuation of the company. But this also suggests that Google will face significant diversion issues in the next few years, which could affect its entrance into new business areas and large-scale acquisitions.

In past hearings, Judge Mehta has confirmed that he hopes to move the case forward quickly. But the proposed timeline shows that it can take years for such a reasonably fast litigation process. An attorney for the US Department of Justice estimates that the trial may last 10 to 12 weeks. But Google’s lawyer said he expects the time required for the trial to be much shorter. Mehta said he set a trial time of five and a half weeks.