Vodafone and Disney launch the new Neo smartwatch

The operator Vodafone Italia, together with the giant Disney, have launched the new smartwatch for children, Neo

23:19 GMT, Friday, December 4, 2020

Thanks to the dedicated app, it will be simple to customize, enable parents to stay connected with their kids by communicating with them through calls and chats, and encourage kids to be more autonomous and take their first steps in the modern environment. Let’s jointly check out all the specifics.

Vodafone has introduced Neo with Disney

For selfies, fitness tracker and pedometer, Neo has an incorporated front camera for tracking movements and it is also possible to set targets to be accomplished and promote physical exercises. For example, by setting the list of trustworthy friends, monitoring time in front of the screen via the “Silent Mode” and monitoring where the computer is, parents have complete control over the child’s interactive experience.

The calendar and the weather offer more freedom to the little ones, while parents can schedule events and reminders as well. Kids will personalize their experience with Neo thanks to Disney characters and material by selecting their “helper” from the popular Disney characters, such as Minnie, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, the Avenger with armor, and the Kid, the superhero from the latest smash hit series The MandalorianTM of Disney +. The watch will also be continuously updated with other characters and experiences.

The concept that contributed to Neo’s creation is part of a collaborative partnership between Vodafone and Disney, with the involvement of designer Yves Béhar and his Fuseproject team, who have made a further contribution to the Vodafone Smart Tech product team’s expertise and talent through their experience.

Neo combines hardware developed by the Smart Tech team at Vodafone and applications designed by programmers from Vodafone and Disney. It will cost EUR 199 and will be eligible at the beginning of 2021 .