Vodafone Internet Unlimited with unlimited promo calls without restrictions

Operator Vodafone Italia continues to offer Internet Unlimited online with free, unlimited promo calls without restrictions.

Over the past few hours, Vodafone Italia has officially launched its new portfolio of Internet Unlimited fixed network offerings, which, thanks to the elimination of installment costs and the Vodafone Ready service, is no longer restricted.

Vodafone has made the renewed standard Internet Unlimited fixed network offers available in stores starting from 13 December 2020, with unchanged prices starting from EUR 29.90 per month. All the details are here.

Unrestricted Vodafone Internet Unlimited, even online with free, unlimited promo calls.

The novelty, as stated above, consists in the fact that Vodafone has decided to remove the cost of activating the Vodafone Ready service in installments and the cost of the Vodafone Ready service in installments, while the Vodafone Station remains included free of charge (with a merchandise discount), without any additional costs and without any limitation.

By doing so, Vodafone Internet Unlimited fixed network offers activated since last December 13, 2020 no longer provide for restrictions, and the modem included in the offers will simply have to be returned to the operator by courier shipment.

In addition, the basic version of Internet Unlmited can be offered at customized prices for some of the Vodafone mobile network customers from today, 15 December 2020.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the fixed mobile convergent offer of the Giga Family Infinito Edition remains unchanged at present, so that the fixed network component is still composed of the previous version of Internet Unlimited with limitations due to the activation cost and Vodafone Ready installments. However according to some rumors, it is not excluded that from January 2021, with the current version of Internet Unlimited for the fixed part, this offer will also become unrestricted.