Vodafone, the latest rate is here: internet, free tablet and $US 604 bonus

Vodafone, with the internet and tablet, made the $604 US bonus open to the public at no cost.

Vodafone has joined the popular “Bonus PC and Tablet” as other operators in Italy. Accordingly, customers entitled to it can order, via the French operator, the facilitation of the provision of a mobile device and at the same time, the provision of an internet connection.

Vodafone, PC and mobile bonus: included with the latest internet and tablet offer

Also with Vodafone, the subsidy value is around EUR 500. Customers would be entitled to earn a two-tranche bonus: the first €240 would be guaranteed as a net cell phone contract voucher, while the second €260 will be earmarked for the purchasing of a new telephone (in this case, a Tablet).

The deal devoted to the “PC and tablet bonus” of Vodafone is composed in this manner. A subscription fee of €19.90 per month will be charged by consumers. For the first twelve months, the monthly renewal value is fixed. The reduction of EUR 240 devoted to the internet is already foreseen at this price.

However, as with the tablet, users would be able to use the 260 euro offer with a device order. In certain situations, if the worth of the tablet approaches EUR 260, the buyer would need to make a distinction.

The enabling of the reward is even with Vodafone, subject to compliance with the general requirements laid down by the government. who have applied for ISEE 2020 will reclaim the discount for PCs and tablets . The amount of the ISEE income condition shall be less than or equal to EUR 20,000 in the document.