VTB online app now have an ability to trade six new currencies

VTB Online opens six new currencies for exchange

The smartphone application and the VTB Online Internet bank are also providing an ability to trade six new currencies: Azerbaijani manat, Kazakh tenge, Armenian dram, Norwegian crown, Turkish lira and Chinese yuan.

Customers need to open an account in the required currency to make a foreign-exchange trade. This can happen remotely or at any branch of the VTB. The exchange would then be available 24/7 through the Ios App and Online Banking. To do this, you’ll need to go to the “Between your accounts and currency swap” tab in the “Payments and Transfers” section, identify two accounts in separate currencies, the amount needed and validate the transaction. After picking accounts the cost would be mirrored instantly. To do so, users would need to go to the internet bank’s “Money Exchange” tab.

“We are trying to make VTB Online as easy and usable as possible for our customers, so we have added the ability to trade six more top currencies that our customers have requested particularly. The conversion of the currency takes place immediately, “said Nikita Chugunov, Director of Digital Market Section, Senior Vice President of VTB.

“VTB is aggressively improving financial platforms for consumers , providing access to a wide variety of currencies. VTB Online now provides conversion options for the dynamically adjusted prices. We are currently working on a range of changes and innovative technologies that will bring the conversion services of the bank to a whole different standard, “said Daniel Heindl, Managing Director of the Investment Products Department’s Directorate for Conversion Sales and Interest Rate Instruments — VTB Vice President.

VTB opened an online currency exchange in US dollars and euros for the mass market earlier in May, at a discounted pace. The bank rate declines when a sum of 1000 euros or US dollars is traded. At the same time, the greater the sum, the less the difference between the exchange rate for banks and the exchange rate.

Often over 75,000 consumers use the currency exchange facility in distributed outlets, making up 200,000 transactions every month.