Vulnerability in the campaign application of Joe Biden: Easily querying sensitive voter information

A technology researcher has found, according to an international media article from TechCrunch, that the official campaign program of the US Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden has a privacy vulnerability-anyone can question the private voting details of millions of Americans. This campaign app called Vote Joe helps followers of Biden to persuade friends and family members to vote in the forthcoming U.S. presidential election by sharing their cell phone contact list and asking if they have registered to vote with their friends and relatives.

It is reported that this application matches the contacts uploaded by users with voter data provided by TargetSmart. TargetSmart is a political marketing company that claims to have personal files of more than 191 million Americans.

When the match is complete, the app will display the voters’ names, ages, and birthdays, as well as their votes in the most recent election. The app also claims that it will help users find people they know and encourage them to participate.

Although most of the data is already publicly available, this loophole allows anyone to easily access any voter’s information through this application.

Mobile expert App Analyst detailed his findings on a blog named after him. He pointed out that it can trick the app into obtaining anyone’s information by creating a contact list named after voters on his phone.

He told TechCrunch that, to make matters worse, the app absorbs much more data than it actually displays. By intercepting the data entering and leaving the device, he can see more detailed and private information, including the voter’s home address, date of birth, gender, race, and supported party.

Biden’s campaign team fixed the vulnerability and released an app update on Friday.

Matt Hill, a spokesman for the Biden campaign team, said to TechCrunch: “We have been told that our third-party software developers obtained unwanted additional details from commercial data. So we worked quickly with the provider to address and delete this problem. Details. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our staff , volunteers and backers and we will still collaborate with our backers.

A spokeswoman for TargetSmart said all customers would have access to a small number of publicly or commercially accessible data.

In reality, it’s not unusual to deal in and exchange a vast volume of voter information in election campaigns. This record is called voting papers, and contains simple details such as the name of the elector, home address, contact information and the party in which they are enrolled. There are very different Voter populations in each province.

And as all of these statistics are open to the public, polling firms are still seeking to collect more data from other outlets to expand their datasets to help recognize and engage key swing voters in election campaigns.