Warning! Google Play Store: here are the new dangerous apps for the smartphone

The Google Play Store has been targeted by some very dangerous apps. Let’s find out more about it below.

13:47 GMT, Thursday, December 3, 2020

Viruses and ransomware have been the true scourge of the modern world in recent years. In reality, the latter hides in every corner of the site, hitting users with now-standard resources such as fictitious emails, banner advertising, free programs, and many more.

Therefore it is precisely this last possibility that we want to explore with you today. In fact, it has been made clear for several months that some malicious applications have managed to settle in the Google Play Store, infecting the phones of all downloaded users. To prevent annoying inconveniences, the full list of applications to automatically uninstall as seen below:

Dangerous Apps: Here is the full list of malware and viruses
Hundreds of compromised apps have recently managed to circumvent Google’s security scans, as stated earlier. In fact, some of these have managed to inject malicious code into the Play Store, infecting millions of computers worldwide.

As these are mostly VPN providers, they can also intercept any passing content, such as passwords, WhatsApp messages, VoIP calls, etc. Therefore, below, we present the full list of applications to be immediately uninstalled:

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