What lesson has the iPhone learnt from losing it in the bath?

We will offer “iPhone Submerged Brick on the Verge of Bricking” as a reading content that relaxes the shoulders of winter break.

That was at the beginning of October 2020. When taking a drink, I lowered the iPhone XS Max that I had been using for two years into the bathtub. I picked it up straight away, so it just took a few seconds to immerse myself in it. I did not feel any abnormalities at the time, and I used it normally until just before I went to bed. It was the following morning when I felt that there was something wrong. There’s strong activity. Suddenly, the program begins even though I haven’t hit the screen. Without approval, rebooting is replicated.

The home screen is shown without any issues at first sight, so the whole machine terminates abnormally and restarts when you press the software button. There are moments, on the other hand, that you will usually activate the app without incident. The landscape projected when I began the camera for a trial was somehow hidden by sha. The entire lot is white and moody around the sun when pointing at the light source, which is like a snapshot of David Hamilton’s pretty girl.

There is no obvious abnormality, even though I check the lens of the rear camera. In the other side, you can see anything like a tiny blister if you look closely at the front camera’s lens opening, which is around 2 mm in diameter. After all, because of the submersion last night, did the water penetrate the main body? It does not work at all when I try Face ID. Try the “Settings” software to reset Face ID. The setting screen is shown and I can see my white and hazy face, but no matter how many times I try, the setting is not done. It experienced multiple forced terminations and restarts during this period.

You should use email and Facebook for the time being when evading some unpredictable actions. The coordination function is alive, in other words. I eventually noticed a purple streak on the display screen as I started to use it. It’s a tendency that appears to arise when adding a heavy effect, but I don’t remember offering an impact like that. I was seeing the moment when it landed when getting the resistance of water and when I dropped it in the bathtub, so it does not appear like a significant impact was applied.

IP68 rating, the international standard for dustproof and waterproof results, is stated by the iPhone XS Max. Grade IP68 means that it complies with IP6, which does not cause dust to enter within, and with IP8, which does not affect the feature even though it is continuously put in water. So, instead of placing it in my freezer bag as I did with my previous non-waterproof iPhone, I took my naked iPhone while it was in the wash.

“On the page describing Apple’s water resistance and test process, “According to IEC standard 60529 IP, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are IP68 grade (up to 2 m in depth) dependent on splash, water and dust resistance after iPhone 7.” The water depth is at most 50 cm, as it is a bathtub, and the submersion time is only 2 to 3 seconds, as stated at the beginning. This page, however, says “Please refrain from the following actions” and “Swim or take a bath while wearing your iPhone”

Hmmm, for the first time, I’ve heard that a bath is NG. As this sort of test is probably carried out at room temperature with water, was hot water near 40 degrees a problem? Or did the use duration of two years deteriorate the waterproof performance? About that, I don’t remember. It is worthless as it is, in any situation. In a rush, I wanted to borrow Rakuten Mobile’s Galaxy A7, for which my family had a tentative deal, replace the SIM, leave the iPhone alone, and wait until the inside was dry.

I wanted to use this time to discuss the warranty and restoration of goods. The standard warranty for one year has expired. However, even if it is less than a year after purchase, the warranty does not cover submersion. Details can be found on the “Liquid damage to iPhone and iPod is not covered by warranty.” support page for Apple.

When you carry your iPhone into the water, a freezer bag is necessary.
It was submerged in early October, as seen at the beginning. The new iPhone that will be launched in late September should have been replaced by iPhone 12 in 2020 in the normal year. As you remember, the announcement was postponed on October 14 due to the effects of the corona wreck, and the publication was delayed on October 23rd. It was mentioned in the press at the time of the submergence that the iPhone 12 was about to be released, so it was submerged at a very delicate time. That said, when it is understood that a new device will arrive in the next two weeks, it is not normally an alternative to pay a repair fee of ¥ 64,800 to repair the iPhone XS Max.

So, with an unknown Android system, I was curious if I was going to survive until the release of the iPhone 12, but when I switched on the left-dry iPhone XS Max, it started normally and was normal. Can’t it be seen on an iPhone? The streaks on the projector are also gone. Is it been restored because it was dry inside? Face ID still doesn’t work, though, and the background on the sensor is still white and hazy.

So, I was willing to use the iPhone XS Max when I purchased the iPhone 12 Pro, which was resurrected with an unfinished camera. That said, three weeks before it went on sale, I couldn’t wait. The excitement and happiness of picking up the iPhone 12 Pro was not daunting for that cause.

The lesson learned in this situation is “Don’t overconfide in the waterproof performance of the iPhone.” Since then, when I take it into the wash, I’ve still put my iPhone 12 Pro in my freezer pocket.

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