Whatsapp: Here are a few things that you really didn’t hear about

Have you ever wondered if in all the colors present in the hearts of Whatsapp there is a precise meaning?

In today’s language, in which we connect much of the time via the chats of different social networks, an emoji may often be represented by a simple symbol, several words and many definitions.

Any of these, for instance, may be the equivalent of the sense of flowers in fact. In our view, Whatsapp’s heart does not necessarily have a real sense, so everyone is free to attribute their own colour to the color they want. There are some unknown laws, though, which may clarify the significance of some colors. Who they are, here.

Colored hearts on Whatsapp. Here’s what they say.

The Red Heart . Perhaps the best one to envision is this. It literally expresses passionate desire and strong feelings, ultimately in a romantic way.

Heart of orange . A weaker, less impetuous feeling or even a basic relationship might mean it. According to the contexts, the definitions will still differ.

The Yellow Heart . It is most frequently used in conversations where there is a representation of family affection, especially in relation to the mother. It does have optimistic and cheerful implications, though.

The Green Core . This heart will also imply envy or a wish for peace, in addition to being used a lot on St. Patrick’s Day and often by people who show respect for nature and the world.

The Blue Heart . This heart’s interpretations are all very exquisite and deep. Platonic affection, faith, deep friendship and related emotions can be suggested. It is also used for people who enjoy water sports or the sea.

Core of Purple . In talks, parents and kids use it a lot for each other. It also shows trust and appreciation of the other party.

The dark heart . Often it means gloomy thoughts, or shy passion. Shy or introverted persons also use it. It is also a heart that is used for subtly different persons.