WhatsApp: It will stop working on certain smartphones from next year

WhatsApp has long been an application that people use extensively. The organization, however, has agreed to stop supporting certain devices from next year, like last year. These are very dated smartphones, though, and with very backward and now obsolete versions of apps.

WhatsApp will no longer operate on these devices from 2021 onwards,
It is very likely that the well-known messaging service will no longer operate next year if you own a smartphone from many years ago (whether it has Android or IOS on board). As already reported, the company has recently announced that it will no longer support any devices starting from January 1, 2021. Specifically, smartphones are now considered obsolete and are no longer upgraded by manufacturers from a tech point of view.

These models include both those with app versions previous to Android 4.0.3 and versions prior to IOS 9, such as the two mobile technology giants’ new flagship smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4. In addition to these smartphones, WhatsApp has announced that on phones with KaiOS 2.5.1 and higher, such as JioPhone and JioPhone 2, the messaging app would also no longer function.

We therefore encourage you to review the software update installed on board if you have a smartphone bought many years ago. To do this, just go to the parts of Settings, About the Handset . You can upgrade the system if it is still possible, otherwise you would have to buy a computer with one of the supported program versions on board.