Whatsapp: the list of smartphones no longer compatible in 2021

Many of its faithful fans are going to be frustrated by one of the world’s most used instant messaging apps. In January of the new year, let’s figure out what will happen to Whatsapp.

2020 wasn’t really population-friendly. As for telephony, in 2021, Whatsapp will not be lenient anymore. And the reason? The imminent incompatibility of the Instant Messaging software for thousands of smartphones and tablets. Here are which designers in the new year will not be able to use the colossus anymore.

Today, one of the world’s most used instant messaging apps is known for its feature that helps you to share not only messages, but much, much more. Obviously, along with this, other apps such as Telegram have helped users, considering the distance from loved ones, to resolve the lockdown in a more or less serene way during Covid-19.

Sadly, even Whatsapp is going to disappoint thousands of faithful users: certain smartphones will no longer be compliant with the app . How do you understand if you are at risk in the near future and purchase a new smartphone if necessary?

Therefore in 2021, Whatsapp will not make indifferent changes that will forever modify the program. We discover a broad circle among devices which will lose us in this way.

The Phone from Walls. A mobile operating system that we may deem dead, and which is no longer used by new smartphones. Obviously, if you do have one don’t throw it out. It could be worth a lot.
Pre-Version 2.3.7 of Android . These types of devices are known to be obsolete, and they will no longer be taken into account by the production team.

There may be serious issues with smartphones running iOS before iPhone 6, but all remains to be seen.