WhatsApp, the update on the memory that we were all waiting for arrives

The feature will be introduced shortly and will lead users to a decidedly superior management experience, thanks to the smaller space occupied by the app.

11:11 GMT, Wednesday, December 2, 2020

To maintain an efficient usage and maintenance experience for consumers, WhatsApp is continuously renewed. Although not yet compatible with the norms of other instant messaging systems, such as Telegram, developers are incorporating some technologies to lighten the app’s weight, especially in terms of space used.

In this way, though it is not yet possible to uninstall media and download them again, having them still available will add functionality to free up space on the computer more quickly in the next updates, so that the software consumes a smaller amount in our device’s memory.

In fact, it’s going to be named the Storage Customer, and now we’re describing what it consists of.

WhatsApp, the news on the mobile that we all wanted to free up space is arriving

The Storage Consumer will be a part of the app where all the media will be gathered from all the chats on the site. A true multimedia folder, from which the contents stored in the different chats can be viewed at a glance and determine individually which ones to erase (for example, whether there are duplicates or redundant pictures, such as promotional photographs submitted by company accounts, the trustworthy grocery flyer or the good morning picture sent to the family group) and which ones to hold.

The purpose of this operation will be to better control our smartphone’s space occupied by the app. Otherwise no one will bother to review the vital material to be protected, chat after chat.

We applaud the initiative to take the first move in this direction when waiting for a more significant upgrade, in which Facebook Inc. invents a much more efficient way to make the app weigh less in the remaining space economy.