WhatsApp: three super secret functions that many do not know

Despite the fact that the software already has a lot of capabilities, there are certain hidden advantages to using WhatsApp for third-party apps.

Knowing how to navigate all of WhatsApp’s functionality allows people to have more options when it comes to texting. The well-known program has become popular for this proclivity: with each upgrade, it introduces a new function or improves on one that already exists.

There are, however, certain functionality that not everyone is aware of, which can be seen in both WhatsApp and third-party apps that refer to the app. Indeed, there has been talk of apps that cover hidden functionality to be combined with WhatsApp, which can be free or charged in some situations. In fact, there are three that not everyone is aware of, all of which are free and, for the time being, legal.

WhatsApp: These three features offer users a lot of options.

One of the main applications that hide extra features for WhatsApp is for sure Whats Tracker . This manages to allow users to become aware of the movements of all the people they choose to monitor. In fact, it is enough to download the application and leave it active in the background to understand at what time the people you decide to monitor enter or leave WhatsApp.

One of the most interesting applications is Unseen , which will allow you to be invisible. Users who use this solution will have the opportunity to read WhatsApp messages without opening the original application and therefore without being online, and not even the last access will be recorded.

Finally, one of the most sought-after solutions is the one offered by WAMR , an application capable of recovering messages deleted on purpose.