Whatsapp:in 2021 it will soon be possible to make payments and send money

The roll-out of the long-awaited new WhatsApp functionality, WhatsApp Pay, has just begun in Brazil, which will allow users to swap cash or make payments.

For the well-known WhatsApp messaging program, a significant innovation has recently arrived. From today, it would be possible to swap money directly from Mark Zuckerberg’s application or make payments. Right now this new feature is only in Brazil, but within the next few weeks, it could be rolled out to other nations.

WhatsApp Pay: You can trade money directly from the app from today
There was some online chatter about the launch of this new functionality for the messaging app from Mark Zuckerberg, and now it’s actually here. It would be possible to swap money or make payments easily by using the application with the new WhatsApp Pay feature. In different scenarios, such as during a dinner with friends or even making transactions on e-commerce platforms that support this network, this is a very useful feature. In particular, the WhatsApp official post stated:

The aim is to simplify payments to help get more companies into the digital economy, opening up new possibilities for innovation. We also find it as easy to send money to loved ones as to send a letter. Since Facebook Pay makes WhatsApp payments, we would like to make it easier for individuals and organizations to use the same payment details through the whole Facebook application family in the future. “

Payments made with WhatsApp Pay can be made between businesses and customers as well as between many users (in this case payments are free, while payments between companies involve commissions and it is possible to make them via WhatsApp Business). To make the payment, a 6-digit code would be needed from a privacy and protection point of view. Alternatively, you can validate the payment via fingerprint or facial recognition (only through FaceID on your iPhone) and Whatsapp has proclaimed it to be a protected feature on its official website. You would also need to connect a form of payment to make the payment (Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are currently available).