White House Digital Team Appointment Confirmed by President Joe Biden

The selection of the White House Digital Team was confirmed by US President-elect Biden on December 28, local time. The team will be largely responsible for announcing via online channels the new government updates to the American people. The party consists of 12 Democrats who served in the presidential campaign, transition group, or founding committee of Biden. After Biden takes office on January 20, these workers will join the White House.

Many of the principal appointments include the following:

Rob Flaherty (Rob Flaherty): Head of Marketing Planning, who worked in the Biden campaign as the Digital Operator.

Jamie Lopez: Digital Platforms manager.

Brendan Cohen (Brendan Cohen): web marketing platform manager, previously the deputy editorial director for the Biden campaign team.

In a quote, Biden said: “One of the president’s most important responsibilities is transparent and honest communication with the American people.” This team of diverse specialists has vast digital marketing expertise and will use new approaches to help the White House build contact with the citizens of the United States.