Why is the popularization of thousands of 5G mobile phones late?

There is a shortage of supply chain and chips, and we have to wait another 3 months.

Saturday, November 14, 2020, 4:58 GMT

5G production is in full flow, but when will the 1,000 yuan 5G cell phone that is nearest to the market arrive?

An study report on the operation of the domestic cell phone industry was published by the Institute of Information and Communications Technology on 13 November. In October, 5G cell phones accounted for more than 60 percent of the domestic demand for newly introduced mobile phones. The production of domestic 5G cell phones can be described as very fast from a data perspective, with shipments reaching 100 million units in just over a year.

While the penetration rate of 5G cell phones has been significantly improved, the listing has been postponed for the thousand yuan phones that have genuinely completely popularized 5G. Chen Fengwei, deputy general manager of China Unicom’s Terminal and Channel Service Center, recently announced that the large-scale rollout of 5G cell phones originally planned for the fourth quarter of this year did not occur due to a lack of chips and parts, and is expected to be postponed by one quarter.

Zhou Chen, Ziguang Zhanrui’s executive vice president, said in an interview with a “Daily Economic News” reporter that 5G entry-level chips are the most missing from the viewpoint of the entire industry chain.

A surge of 5G replacements has sparked the introduction of Apple’s new handset for some users, but the price of Apple’s 5G cell phone is set at a price of more than five thousand. On the opposite, OPPO, which was more traditional in product policy, offered 151.07 $US for a cell phone sold by its Realme sub-brand. In reality, there is a 5G cloud phone priced at 151.22 $US launched earlier this month by China Telecom, which uses Unigroup Zhanrui’s 5G chip.

The Daily Economic News reporter observed that few 5G cell phones priced below US$151.37 can be found in the roughly 150 5G mobile phones currently on sale, which are essentially over US$227.05.

Qualcomm’s cell phone chip series are 8 series, 7 series, 6 series and 4 series, and the resulting mobile phone prices are steadily declining. According to Qualcomm’s schedule, Snapdragon 690-equipped commercial terminals are scheduled to be accessible by the second half of 2020. However they are still fitted with Qualcomm 865, 765 high-end, mostly 5G processors, based on the situation of 5G smart phones offered by domestic brands such as Xiaomi and OPPO.

“I haven’t found a 5G cell phone with a price of less than $ 151.37 despite searching for a long time A customer in Beijing told reporters that they decided to replace them with the new 5G mobile phones after their parents’ mobile phones were upgraded. It’s not big, but not easy to find.

“Consumers are more likely to embrace technology that raises the volume and does not lift the price for consumer electronics goods, no matter if the technology is updated, rather than applying an extra price cost to buyers because of a technology.” The News reporter said that accelerating the popularization of 5G mobile phones is the demand of the whole industry.