Why user companies should get a cloud “driver’s license”

“The cloud is an IT delivery revolution. When data centers are industrialized and industrialized in the cloud,”delivering solutions”and”building systems”become dead words, because what customers ultimately want is delivered from the cloud.”

Solutions and building are not dead languages.

“The cloud has the potential to fundamentally change the conventional system construction and operation by hand. However, there are still surprisingly many companies that throw the preparation of systems that adopt the public cloud to SI (system integrator).

SI, which sees the system as a component of building the system or lending the infrastructure on an hourly basis, and users who accept the proposal hinder the true use of the cloud. “

What is true utilization? “A ‘collection of service parts’ is the real cloud.” We use the service parts inside rather than building something on the cloud. We lack understanding and manners in this regard,” said Mr. Toga.

Mr. Masaya Nakai, a cloud-related consultant, said, “PaaS (Platform as a Service), which provides an environment higher than middleware, is not being used in Asia. Cloud as an alternative to VMware server in-house. I’m always using. “

“This will provide diversified and sophisticated service components such as artificial intelligence (AI) such as machine learning, high performance / quantum / edge computing, big data, analytics, mobile, security, databases, and containers provided by Mega Cloud. Not available”