Will my number card function be installed in smartphones in 2010, is the issue an iPhone?

In order to do this in 2022, several features of My Number Card have been mounted on smartphones. The Department of Interior and Communications started to examine the relevant legislation and demonstration experiments in 2021 at a meeting of experts launched on 10 November 2020.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 3:21 GMT

One of the purposes of My Number Card is to mount it on mobile, which is an electronic certificate feature that shows that an applicant is an individual himself by applying on line. The Ministry for Interior and Communications. Presently, with the majority of internet applications for residents prepared by the government, a reader or smartphone for each process needs a procedure to carry an individual number card. To check your identity, the server must obtain a digital certificate.

If you can store the digital certificate in a smartphone, there is no need for each procedure to carry the passport. The process can be done only with a smartphone and the convenience of online application can be substantially improved.

This feature can only be used by persons who have an individual number card, as per the new Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications proposal. For the first time a new electronic credential, separate from My Number, will be provided by the specific application and deposited on a smartphone after keeping My Number Card on the smartphone to check identification. This digital credential will be used in most online procedures from the next time on as a replacement for the My Number Card.

Using the same protections as electronic cash
In reality, it’s over five years since the My Number card feature was installed on mobile phones. In 2015, before the start of the issuance of my card in January 2016, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications formed a study group.

However the manner in which the cell phone’s SIM card was used at the time was difficult around 2017. It was considered. The cell phone operator who manages the SIM card must comply in order to use the free memory region “Protected Element (SE)” fitted with the protection functor of the SIM card. One explanation for this loss was that the opening of SIM cards to third parties was limited or abolished by network operators. The use of SIM SE card is said to not have progressed and equipment costs such as servers have become a burden.

The Ministry of Interior is therefore contemplating a system for the use of the additional non-contact smartphone IC-card “Mobile FeliCa” feature. Use the FeliCa safe mobile element (FeliCa-SE), also used in tickets for transport and for electronic currency.

In the free region of the IC chip, my number card stores an e-Certificate and a private and public key pair in the card number. A tamper-resistant feature needs to be kept hidden, which kills the device as it is separated from the IC Chip. FeliCa-SE was judged to have the equivalent of defense.

However not all smartphones endorsing FeliCa mobile are targeted. It must be remembered.

This is because the Department of Interior and Communications is establishing a strategy of mobile goals that assume that the IC card was formally launched in February 2019 as the latest edition compliant with embedded non-contact cards.