Windows 10 will receive two feature updates next year: but in a different way

Microsoft is also preparing to release two feature updates for Windows 10 next year according to international media outlets, but this year the company will not replicate the major and minor upgrade rhythms. The sense of the next two Windows 10 updates will be overturned this time. The final result will come in the spring (April-May), where a small-scale update close to the service pack will take place, and then there will be a feature-rich upgrade in the fall (October-November).

13:27 GMT, Sunday, November 29, 2020

If this is right, it means that Microsoft will soon be communicating about improvements to the speed of the rollout of Windows 10. This is unlikely to happen this year, though, because Microsoft workers will be on vacation over the holiday season, and for this reason, Microsoft has already halted the drive for optional updates, which will run until January 2021.

Via monthly combined upgrades until the end of 2021, Microsoft could also be adding some minor new features to Windows 10. Usually, the monthly cumulative updates are all about bug fixes and enhancements, but in the November cumulative update, Microsoft recently added the ‘Meet Now’ functionality to Windows 10.

This pattern will continue to grow and some new features will appear through monthly optional patches in Windows 10. Until fall, this condition can continue. It is expected that Microsoft will release the Windows 10 Sun Valley (21H2) feature by then.

While the upgrade to Windows 10 21H1 will concentrate on simple work and bug fixes, next fall the update will fully change the functions of the start menu and action center. The classic file explorer will also be enhanced by Microsoft, although it also doesn’t know if the new file explorer will appear outside of the Windows 10X operating system.