With the latest Free Wifi, the government confronts Tim, Wind, Tre and Vodafone with

The MiSE offers internet connections around Italy that would save gigantic people, enabling them to take advantage of the web’s capacity and beyond the home and therefore challenge Tim, Vodafone, WindTre and Iliad

The latest initiative on the government website, the Piazza WiFi Italia programme, would revolutionize the internet access in Italy. The program, which was initiated at the beginning of last year, continues unabated with the construction of new hotspots and intends to reach the whole Italian region in whole.

To date, the open and free MiSE network is given to 3246 regions, including municipalities involved in the project and hospitals in which the network has been introduced. Infratel Italia, the Ministry of Economic Development’s in-house business, is thinking about building the infrastructure and taking charge of its management.

The project began with the goal of remedying the temporary loss of a stable connection in the 138 earthquake-affected municipalities of Lazio, Abruzzo, Umbria and Marche in the summer of 2019. Thanks to the eventual extension of the economic availability profused in the programme, a total of more than EUR 50 million may have been reserved exclusively for the purpose of building a network that unites Italy as a whole in the sign of potential connectivity.

The MiSE plan, Piazza WiFi Italia, is situated in these new municipalities and post offices.

Acquaro, Baiano, Isola del Liri, Ascoli Piceno are only some of the municipalities which have recently witnessed network activation. Almost 400,000 users have now benefited from the new network, with a total of 5,824 built hotspots, in a plan that “starts from the bottom,” mainly favoring municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants.

In addition, a memorandum of agreement signed with the Poste Italiane community would make it possible to have the links present inside the post offices at the discretion of the project, and thus to use them as a hotspot, without needing to register with new credentials: only download the wifi.italia.it software, register and first authenticate close to a hotspot involved in the project.