Without asking, Microsoft began upgrading Windows 10

Due to the completion of the Windows 10 version 1903 operating system life cycle in December 2020, some of the machines running it will be upgraded automatically.

Completion of the next service period for Windows
Microsoft started to upgrade the Windows 10 edition 1903 operating system actively to more recent 1909 and 2004, writes the Windows New hub. This move is linked to the recent completion of the help period for May 2019.

The automated updating process would not be available to all consumers, as the newspaper reports. In comparison, “legacy” Windows will continue to function, but will be vulnerable to cyber attacks as it will no longer be released for security patches and other fixes.

Any of the consumers of Windows 10 1903 will be switching to version 1909, according to Windows Latest, which was launched this month in November 2019. In the ‘Download Hub’ of the operating system, those users have already started getting subsequent updates. Version 1909 of Microsoft OS will be forcefully upgraded to version 2004 (May 2020) by Spring 2021.

Note that in Windows 10, without having to edit community rules, there is no way to prevent automatic device changes by normal means. You can however, postpone the installation of updates for up to 35 days via Windows Update.

Windows versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft

According to the documents released on the Microsoft website, as of December 8, 2020, support for version 1903 of Windows 10 in the editions ‘Home’, ‘Technical’ (Pro), ‘Enterprise’, ‘Education’), ‘IoT-Corporate’ (for Internet of Things devices), ‘Desktop’ (Server).

Usually, about six months before the completion of support for the existing one, Microsoft starts a mandatory transition to a new version of Windows 10. The 1903 release did not however, fall into this system, as stated by ZDNet – the company delayed the process for a long time, possibly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Journalists also call the decision to migrate users to release 1909 atypical for Microsoft, and not to the more recent 2004 or 20H2 (October Version 2020), since release 1909 did not include any major interface changes, unlike the last two.

What are the future models of Windows?

The forthcoming upgrade, known as Windows 10 21H1, is scheduled to take place between April and May 2021. It can include device level support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH), improvements to the Linux subsystem (WSL) and new settings in the Settings app.

Deliveries to Windows 10X ‘lightweight’ technology manufacturers, based mainly on mobile devices, will commence in the next few days, according to Windows Latest, with reference to informed sources.

The fact that the latest Windows 10X operating system is being planned for release was revealed in October 2019 by the popular Evan Blass insider. He noticed that this name hides Windows Core OS – a modular operating system built by Microsoft for affordable laptops and tablets. In mid-February 2019, the first specifics about it were declassified, a few days later it acquired the additional Windows Lite name, and in May 2019 it was announced that its release was indefinitely delayed, but it was also stated that it was targeted at cheap mobile PCs.

A Microsoft leak in October 2019 made details public about previously unannounced Windows 10X functionality. We were allowed to test the interface and architecture through a paper unintentionally leaked into the network.