WMO Korea’s personal information leakage accident… Member attention

Due to hacking, the cell phone number and e-mail address of a member were leaked and steps such as blocking the IP of the attacker were completed. Post an apology via the announcement on the homepage and seek attention from members.

09:53 GMT, Sunday, November 29, 2020

Thanks to an infringement event, the World Math-fusion Olympiad Korea Division (hereinafter WMO Korea) leaked personal details to participants. Two forms of personal information, such as a member’s cell phone number and e-mail address, were leaked due to a breach that happened in September 2020, according to WMO Korea, and the attacker’s IP and unauthorized access routes were blocked after the accident was identified and vulnerability tests were done.

“In an apology, WMO Korea stated, “If you receive a phone call or email alleged to have misused your personal information, report it to the authorities, and if harm has occurred or is likely to occur, please contact the WMO Korea Member Support Team and all responsible agencies.

Furthermore, through the Personal Information Security Conflict Resolution Committee, it is possible to use a mediation mechanism.” He added, “We will do our utmost to avoid such situations from happening in the future by enhancing the system of protection control, such as strengthening personal information protection initiatives.

In the other hand, by exploiting his or her personal information in the future, the person whose personal information has been leaked could be vulnerable to cyber criminals such as voice phishing or smishing. For this function, you must contact the other party to verify whether you are demanding money or other things by text or phone call or pressing an unknown URL to install additional programs. In addition, assistance can be accessed by the Personal Information Conflict Resolution Committee if loss arises due to leaked personal information.