World Internet Conference opens today

On November 23rd in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, the World Internet Conference and Internet Growth Forum opened. Many Internet giants expressed their new views on China’s anti-epidemic technologies at the main forum of the conference held today, Digital Economy and Technology Anti-epidemic.

Monday, November 23, 2020, 08:18 GMT

China’s anti-epidemic practice and research and technical advances have made people respect the world. We have experienced the power of digitalization more profoundly than ever before,”China’s anti-epidemic practice and achievements in science and technology have made the world admire people. We have experienced the power of digitalization more deeply than ever.”

Because of the outbreak, the lifestyles and job patterns of people have been accelerated, and the whole world has experienced deep changes around the activity of the manufacturing chain.

He said that it is assumed that after this outbreak, culture as a whole has further found consensus on digitalization and formed the habit of digitalization. Increasingly, emerging media has become an interface that represents the whole population. In the past few months, after the disease in China was brought under control, digitalization has also played an important role in resuming work and development. The original method of step-by-step transfer and distribution has modified societal and public policies, which can be accessed directly through automated approaches and technological assistance. Social variables.

For example, Zhang Yong said that by digital means, the different reward policies provided by the government can specifically target every organization and even every eligible employee, and the consumer vouchers issued can precisely reach every consumer. We can see through the Ali forum that all parties worked to form a resonance between Internet networks, banks, media, retailers and customers after the local government began distributing consumer vouchers in March. Finally, together, they took part and obtained positive results. It has been accomplished that a consumption target of more than 10 percent can be powered by a dollar of customer coupons.

In Zhang Yong’s opinion, China’s use of emerging technologies to combat the disease and revive the economy has yielded great success, suggesting that China has been at the forefront of the world’s digital economy. He claims that the latest communiqué of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China specifically suggested the creation of a power grid and a smart China that will certainly help facilitate the further growth of the digital economy of China.

In his address, Qi Xiangdong, Chairman of Qi’anxin Technology Group Co., Ltd., said that the use of emerging technology by China to help tackle the disease effectively shows that China’s cyber security technology is not backward or at a leading pace.

He said for instance, that China not only uses digital technology to help epidemiological investigations, track suspicious cases, isolate and manage the spread of the disease, but also uses digital technology to optimize the everyday needs of the masses of people, such as student online colleges. Corporate and institutional remote departments, e-commerce, video conferencing, etc.

The economic growth of the Chinese country turned from negative to optimistic in the third quarter, and several foreign organisations expect that China will this year become the only big economy in the world with positive economic growth. Such a large-scale network operation has an effect on network security technologies, goods, and in this test we obtained strong results in the service test. It was not.

In his address, ZTE Corporation Chairman Li Zixue stated that emerging technology embodied by 5 G and big data played an important role in reacting to the current crown epidemic. We carried out epidemiological and traceability investigations, “tracked” close interactions, and vastly enhanced the accuracy of detection and control and screening efficiency, focusing on the big data framework for disease prevention and control. Multi-disciplinary and multi-experts manage diagnosis and management of critically ill patients remotely via “5G+Medical Care” and increase the quality of first-line physician service in anti-epidemics. In order to ensure the efficient delivery of civilian goods, including the emergency deployment of anti-epidemic materials such as surgical protective clothing, smart logistics break through the blockages of material distribution.

“In more than 210 hospitals around the world, we have desperately built 4G/5G networks to create a connectivity lifeline. 5G network service was finalized in 3 days at Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital. 5G technology was used at Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital to hold online consultations and go north. In order to address CT pictures of critically ill patients and evaluate recovery options, experts from several hospitals in Guangzhou use 5G connections. Li Zixue claims that the anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic capacities of my country have been significantly enhanced due to the in-depth deployment of emerging technology such as 5G. Victory gives substantial assistance.