Xbox Series X aiming for overthrow PS, just small without cost , just tiny without cost

“PlayStation 5″Xbox Series X”Xbox Series X” The fundamental parameters such as computing efficiency are the same in comparing the two items, but the scale, shape, thermal design, etc are substantially different.

With an emphasis on miniaturization and construction, the other Series X was designed. For example, in the design, when positioned vertically, the vent on the top surface will see the green color of the picture from the hole when viewed from an angle. It seems that even though he inserted one resin layer, he needed to express it.

Another aspect of Series X is that it is constructed with an emphasis on airflow. It generates a wind stream that when mounted vertically, blows up from the bottom of the main unit to the tip. Avid Thermalloy of the United States allows a large cooling fan with a diameter of 130 mm and a thickness of 38 mm, located on the top edge.

Design-focused Xbox Series X in addition to miniaturization
Appearance when the Xbox Series X is placed horizontally. 

Compared to the impeller diameter, the motor diameter is small. It is not suitable for high rotation, and since the mounting angle of the blades is minimal, it is not suitable for high air volume. Instead, it seems that by increasing the blades to raise the air volume and suppressing the number of revolutions, it aimed to minimize noise.

And if you take precautions against noise, turn up the electricity

A power supply unit, an aluminum die-cast main frame, a main board, a heat sink, etc., were the internal units of the main body. Wrapped across this device was a rubber band. Owing to holes in the housing and vibration, this rubber band appears to avoid abnormal noise.

Among the inner units of the main assembly, the power supply unit had a distinctive design structure. Generally, the household power supply signal from the socket is loud, so you usually want to transform it as near as possible to a DC power supply. The power supply unit can in other words, be placed near the power supply terminal.

In Series X, however the power supply unit is mounted on the upper side and the cable is purposefully routed inside. The arrangement is such that electricity is withdrawn from the cord’s household outlet and converted into a 12V DC power supply to provide each part with power, such that it is intentionally crossed with a clean 12V DC line.

An engineer observing the disassembly said This structure is a design that power engineers want to avoid,” A design purpose, such as having to put a disk drive at the bottom, appears to arise.

With a resin mask and a metal cover, the power supply unit is sealed. The resin cover is attached so that the opening at the top of the power supply unit can be sealed. Directly under the air conditioning fan, the power supply unit is installed. The resin cover seems to have been attached to avoid contact between the dropping item and the power supply device as metals, such as necklaces and rings, fall through the exhaust port. The power supply unit is very small and has the impression of being fully packed” (engineer who attended the disassembly).