Yandex created the “killer” Avito

The new free Yandex.Ads web tool is fitted with a check for Yandex resources to make a decision on a bid based on business data and a ranking of seller and buyer behavior. The new classification is already available through the browser and the Yandex application, and will appear as separate iOS and Android apps in the next few days.
Buying and selling at Yandex

The new app enables a registered Yandex service user to post an infinite amount of free ads about the purchase, sale, trade or donation of different products. A built-in search technology focused on consumer data for a more efficient search for products, as well as a ranking of seller and buyer behavior in Yandex services for making a judgment on a bid, are among the features of the new Yandex service.

Yandex.Ads has been available on the Internet and inside the Yandex framework since its introduction. Separate service apps for iOS and Android smartphone devices will be presented in the coming days the company.

According to the latest Yandex financial statements, ad services generated revenue of 21,011,850.00 U.S. dollars for the organization in the third quarter of 2020.

This is 16% higher than one year ago. The division took in sales of 52,331.40 United States dollars in the nine months from the beginning of 2020.

In 2019, the Russian market for C2C online trade (sale of items by individuals through online channels) hit 566 billion rubles, according to the RAEC. Currently, C2C sales are primarily focused on the Avito, Yula and Vkontakte online platforms (the latter two are part of the Group). At the end of 2019, 66 percent of online purchases in the C2C market fall on Avito, according to Data Insight.

Yandex.Ads features
The Yandex.Announcements service web interface has an appearance that is common for contemporary classifications: a photo, price tag, a short summary and an estimated indicator of the location must accompany each product card. Autoloading of products using feed is also given for stores and farmers.

Initially, the service lacks the ability to post advertisements without images. Up to 20 images can be added to each commercial, and you can embed a video as well (as a link from Youtube). In the product description, it is prohibited to post ties and it is strictly discouraged to post contact details so as not to promote fraudsters.

Yandex.Ads has a reasonably defined ad rubricator, which includes the categories “Work”, “Sports and Leisure”, “Construction and Repair” and many others since its introduction, with a sub-category system that is adequately developed and understandable. There are “Auto”, “Spare Parts and Automotive Products” and “Real Estate” pages at the very end of the rubricator, which are removed through external links to other online “Yandex.Vertical” classifications, respectively.

Based on the experience obtained at Yandex.Market, the specialized product information system built into the service helps you to check for several criteria – such as picking up a smartphone with two SIM cards or a collection of tools with pliers and a ratchet. It would be possible to define search criteria explicitly in the search bar in the future.

Customers will not only “postpone” the advertising they want as “Favorites” but also apply their own comments to them The seller is ready to meet at the weekend.” Only their authors will be able to see those notes.

There is a Ya.Messager for contact between sellers and prospective buyers of Yandex.Announcements, which opens in a new window after clicking on the corresponding button, but it is not forbidden to publish phones – the numbers listed in Yandex.Passport are displayed and selected in the service settings…

The measure of the behavior of sellers and purchasers based on an examination of their activity in other Yandex services is another aspect of the app. This indicator, the so-called badge, is earned by consumers with several years of experience in the usage of services and the Yandex account.

Categories of the badge ‘Activity on Yandex’
The “Yandex Activity” badge is assigned randomly, so you will not purchase it. “There are three types of badges (gradations): “We have known and known the author of the ad for a long time from other services,” “We know the author of the ad and have encountered him on Yandex services,” “The customer also does not use Yandex services. Writers of commercials without a tag, most definitely, have an account that is too young or simply unfamiliar to Yandex.