YouTube enriches the features developers have access to

New features that make channel previews more fun have been revealed by YouTube.

11:53 PM GMT, Monday, December 7, 2020

New features intended to make YouTube previews more exciting have been revealed by YouTube. Previews encourage creators to stream their content live on their channel and share pre-recorded videos. This year, corporations have used the feature as an alternative to in-person activities.

Three additional features are available: trailers, live redirects and themes for countdowns. Features have greater power of the viewing experience for developers.

YouTube is upgrading their website
These options offer a more conventional marketing framework to YouTube Premier. Today, these corporations will play a teaser promoting what they are going to reveal prior to the next Google or Apple case.

One of the coolest new features in YouTube previews is real-time redirection. Before their video is broadcast, where a producer has arranged a preview, they will keep a live stream. It’s like a pre-show before a major case, almost. Until previewing a film, developers would be able to use this function to communicate with their viewers.

The live redirect function will quickly lead users to the new trailer features. Trailers provide the ability for producers to post a pre-recorded anticipation video that will run anywhere 15 seconds to three minutes anywhere.

Finally, countdown themes allow users to pick a video that suits their content with a personalized countdown. “There is a variety of “themes, vibes and moods” to pick from, according to YouTube. Live redirects and trailers are available beginning today for qualifying developers. Meanwhile the countdown themes will be available in the coming months.