YouTube suffered a global downtime, all video playback errors reported

YouTube now seems to have a video loading problem. Most people around the world have difficulty viewing the video, and YouTube has reported that there is a problem. And not only on the PC side, other utilities that use YouTube technology, including YouTube TV and movies and TV shows, and YouTube content can not be loaded by first-party and third-party systems, including Google TV, appear to be impacted.

The fault has been verified by the YouTube team and said it is under repair.

The YouTube page appears to have no problems loading in our current test, but the video itself will appear to display loading errors.

DownDetector also reveals that YouTube issues are recorded by a large amount of people, which shows that the issue is very common. In the DownDetector charts, the number of consumer comments grew in less than an hour to more than 256,000. Many Twitter users have confirmed that YouTube is not running, and the search volume of “is YouTube down?” keywords is also soaring.